E-Mail Verifier Pro 6.3.42

E-Mail Verifier Pro 6.3.42
E-Mail Verifier Pro 6.3.42

  • Name : Email Verifier
  • Version : Pro 6.3.42
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Email Marketing Tools
  • Price : $44.95
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Bad electronic mail addresses, unsubscribers, as well as invalid domains tin direct hold a build clean electronic mail listing as well as contaminate it rattling fast. Fortunately, Email Verifier has all of the correct tools inside it to move on your contact listing pure. In fact, it tin operate on a multitude of external databases, such equally Microsoft Outlook, that may comprise invalid electronic mail addresses that give an unrealistic sentiment of how many valid recipients at that spot are. When you lot tin automatically build clean your listing easily, you lot know just how many people you lot are reaching.

This prevents you lot from receiving a lot of bounced emails. Unfortunately, at that spot are many ISPs that volition block an IP if equally good many bounced emails come upward dorsum to it. Using the correct software to verify the validity of the electronic mail addresses you lot are sending to volition move on this from happening to you.
Email Verifier checks electronic mail addresses from Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Windows Address Book, Excel, Text Files as well as External databases to decide if they are nevertheless valid.

“Email Verifier is an advanced solution for mightiness users, administrators as well as whatever mortal who transportation e-mail messages as well as needs to hold a build clean e-mail mailing list.”



Through the Email Verifier software, invalid as well as non-existent electronic mail addresses are removed from the list. This tin eliminate bounced messages as well as avoids the possibility of existence blocked past times the internet service provider post service server for sending equally good many emails to invalid addresses.

Other features include:

  • Flexible as well as fast listing cleaning that is 100% accurate inward its
  • Manage your contact lists through the elimination of invalid electronic mail addresses
  • Minimize your website’s bandwidth usage past times focusing exclusively on a targeted audience
  • Large electronic mail lists tin move loaded inward seconds
  • Import electronic mail addresses from a number of external databases that include Foxpro, Acces, MS SQL, Paradox, as well as more
  • Receive a detailed study of every functioning as well as relieve both expert as well as bad emails to a text file
  • Export electronic mail addresses to a text file, excel, or whatever other external source
  • Automatic deletion of auto-reply emails
  • Recover as well as relieve information safely
  • Split as well as merge lists
  • Easily locate specific electronic mail addresses inside lists
  • Set your ain domain rules
  • Backup as well as restore that allows information to move transferred betwixt computers
  • It should move noted that the speed of electronic mail verifier depends upon listing size, Internet speed, as well as Internet connection, but the procedure is mostly fast inward that lists tin move loaded inward a thing of seconds. This plan is therefore automated that it tin run overnight if it needs to without whatever supervision, which contributes to its popularity.

Three Validation Levels

This plan is able to validate upward to 50,000 electronic mail addresses per hour. There are 3 primary validation methods used. They are:

  • Syntax Check
  • Email address domain availability
  • Mail server banking concern check for existence of electronic mail addresses
  • Domain Rules

It is upward to you lot to laid upward the rules for domains as well as it is equally uncomplicated equally choosing the specific domain as well as therefore specifying the dominion you lot wishing to use. This dominion is only a default status for the domain(s) that you lot select.

Expanded Email Address Statuses

Rather than just finding out whether an electronic mail address does or does non exist, an expanded electronic mail address status gives to a greater extent than information close the status of that address. Email verifier is able to signal whether or non at that spot is a connexion fault or if the electronic mail address on a domain is only non-existent. This enables you lot to brand decisions regarding the addresses that may direct hold issues, such equally whether or non to banking concern check them at just about dot inward the future.

Top Program According to Industry Experts

This electronic mail verification software is pop because it is far ahead of its competitors. Professionals are looking for ways to pass less fourth dimension on organizing as well as cleaning lists as well as to a greater extent than fourth dimension on serving the customers that respond. Because of the mightiness to procedure large lists of electronic mail addresses as well as chop-chop eliminate invalid addresses, it is much easier for the user to focus on what is important. The tools also larn inward easier for certainly audiences to move targeted, which increases the conversion rate. This increment inward conversion charge per unit of measurement therefore translates into profits.

Another argue why this is a pop plan is the fact that contact lists are private. You practise non direct hold to purpose a third political party to upload recipients. You are the exclusively 1 amongst access.

When this Software is Most Helpful

This software is going to move of utmost assistance to you lot when you lot haven’t mailed out to your listing for quite just about time, you lot practise non purpose a double opt-in procedure to ensure that subscribers typed inward the correct electronic mail address, or you lot direct hold received your subscriber listing from somewhere else as well as that makes you lot enquiry its quality.

In the meantime, you lot are able to:

  • Save bandwidth past times reducing Internet traffic, which reduces operating costs due to an increased focus on a targeted audience.
  • Verify electronic mail addresses inside a database without having to import or export, saving a lot of fourth dimension due to non having to perform manual work.
  • Load large subscriber lists inward seconds.
  • Import electronic mail lists from DBase, paradox, Text, MySQL, as well as many to a greater extent than that may direct hold additional information introduce inward other custom fields that needs to move preserved. You tin export such addresses containing custom fields equally well.
  • Quickly relieve electronic mail verification results to a text file, saving both expert as well as bad emails to split upward files if you lot wish.
  • Customize how your information is organized amongst the mightiness to form as well as filter addresses.
Email Verifier Pro 6.3.42
E-Mail Verifier Pro


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