E-Prospector 1.1

  • Name : E-Prospector
  • Version : 1.1
  • OS : Windows/MAC
  • Type : Ebay Marketing
  • Price : $57
  • Homepage : SalePage

E-Prospector Software : this software tells y’all what the hottest selling products are on ebay sau y’all tin exploit this ecommerce giant for to a greater extent than profits for yourself.
You volition accept inward your hands the keys to finding of import information on the hottest selling too trending products on the ebay platform. Being able to digg deep into their records is huge, too the fact that y’all tin larn this information inward seconds is fifty-fifty better.
Reverse engineer the ebay database, too then y’all tin uncover fifty-fifty to a greater extent than hot potential niches on ebay.Know extracly what to sel, too amongst this software at your disposal y’all tin larn multiple income streams past times selling the same products on both amazon too ebay! Don’t pass roughly other infinitesimal without this tool inward your dorsum of tricks



  • Feature #1: Category Search : Quickly larn an thought of what products are hot based on their category. This software is setup amongst all the primary Ebay categories too then y’all tin residuum assured that y’all are question bases are completely covered!
  • Feature #2: Clear Button : Software includes a “Clear” push too then y’all tin starting fourth dimension over. Just similar the erstwhile Nintendo systems amongst the reset button, y’all accept a peril to reset your search without having to opened upwardly the software up!
  • Feature #4: Price : Sorting past times cost enables y’all to arrive at upwardly one’s heed what products are selling at dissimilar cost ranges, too then y’all tin ameliorate arrive at upwardly one’s heed what production to sell.
  • Feature #5: Offers : On Ebay at that spot tin last several dissimilar sellers of the exact same product. E-Prospector allows y’all to encounter how dissimilar businesses are selling the same products, too then y’all tin encounter request too also stance if the production y’all are looking at would accept a lower competition.
  • Feature #6: Reviews : On Ebay a production amongst a high give away of reviews is nigh all the fourth dimension a production that is getting a pile of sales. This is i of the favorite parts of this software. You tin role the 8 dissimilar sorting options for reviews to uncover those hidden gems that y’all tin starting fourth dimension to grow your concern around.
  • Feature #7: Keyword Research : If y’all accept already settled on your niche market, or but desire to form through products using a sure enough keyword this software gives y’all that ability! You tin run searches for whatever type of production too role the results to validate that y’all are going inward the right direction. With this keyword question pick it opens upwardly the capabilities of this software big time!
E-Prospector 1.1



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