Exdomain 2.1.96 Amount

Exdomain 2.1.96 Amount
  • Name : eXdomain
  • Version : 2.1.96 Full License (not demo version)
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Ex Domain Tools
  • Price : $300
  • Homepage : SalePage

Powerful Domain Research Tool for domainers, SEO/IT professionals together with beginners.
eXdomain 2.0 changes the way y’all work!
It’s the showtime inwards the globe innovative platform that combine all domain tools inwards 1 house amongst unbeatable performance that volition boost your SEO, information technology together with domains business.



  • Support Google Site
  • Support Google Page Rank
  • Support Fake Page Rank Checker
  • Support Yahoo Site
  • Support Yahoo Link
  • Support Yahoo Link Domain
  • Support Altavista Site
  • Support Altavista Link
  • Support Altavista Link Domain
  • Support Alea Rank
  • Support Web archive
  • Support Availability
  • Support Epiring engagement
  • Support Option
  • Support IP
  • Support Count of characters
  • Support SEMRush Rank
  • Support SEMRush Organic Keywords
  • Support SEMRush Organic Traffic
  • Support SEMRush Organic Cost
  • Support SEMRush Adwords Keywords
  • Support SEMRush Adwords Traffic
  • Support SEMRush Adwords Cost
  • Support Bing Site
  • Support Bing Link (Of)
  • Support DMOZ
  • Support WhoIS

Bulk scanning
eXdomain was designed for scanning domains inwards bulk. It is possible to scan upwards to 500,000 domains at 1 time. Our software is designed to back upwards smoothen together with stable locomote piece loading, manipulating, sorting together with filtering extremely large domain lists, fifty-fifty during the scan process.

Multi-proxy support
Scanning multiple domains requires the occupation of sophisticated tools to guard against beingness banned past times information providers. eXdomain provides multi-proxy back upwards thus y’all tin specify upwards to 20,000 proxy servers. The application volition road each asking through a dissimilar proxy server, together with our dedicated intelligent algorithm chooses them inwards most efficient way.

Google™, Yahoo™, Alexa…
The eXdomain scanning procedure allow y’all verify the most of import factors, like:

1) Google™: Site, Link, Link Domain, Page Rank
2) Yahoo™: Site, Link, Link Domain
3) AltaVista™: Site, Link, Link Domain
4) Alexa rank™
5) BING™
6) Web archive™ – showtime registration date
7) SEMrush™
8) SEOmoz™
9) DMOZ™
10) Availability together with drib dead date
11) WHOIS response
11a) correct click on whatsoever domain to chop-chop instruct total Whois study together with information every bit possessor e-mail address, registrar etc..
12) Purchase reservations
13) **NEW** SEMRush™: Rank, Organic Traffic/Keywords/Costs, Adwords™ Traffic/Keywords/Costs

*eXdomain supports integration amongst SEMRush™ API. If y’all conduct maintain an SEMRush account, all y’all demand to create is render your API fundamental inwards the eXdomain configuration panel together with select SEMRush database (US, RU, FR, DE) together with y’all instruct access to SEMRush metrics similar to whatsoever other values inwards eXdomain.

SEMRush™ examines together with analyzes Google SERP™ data, together with provides detailed information nigh domains together with keywords, together with monitors competitive strategies inwards search marketing. SEMRush™ analyzes xl 1000000 keywords for twenty 1000000 domains.Read to a greater extent than nigh SEMRush.
Automatic updates

Users are informed of whatsoever changes past times a especially generated proclamation that displays when the application starts. eXdomain users instruct updates for free. While starting a calculator the application volition automatically cheque if in that location are whatsoever novel available updates together with amongst a user’s consent the application volition download together with install the newest version of eXdomain.
Multi-threading boost

Amazing multi-threading back upwards lets y’all verify upwards to xxx domains simultaneously thus your results shows upwards fifty-fifty faster. Perfect residual betwixt multi-threading, proxy together with DCs extracts ensure maximum scanning speed.
The results archive together with Export to CSV

The “history” characteristic lets y’all sentiment past times searches together with analyses. Using “results history,” users conduct maintain the possibility of restoring results from whatsoever hateful solar daytime together with displaying them inwards the scanning results window. Current results may endure filtered together with compared. The history files are continually updated, together with results tin endure exported to CSV file for farther processing.
Export/Import configuration

Users may import together with export previous configurations to a file for hereafter analyses. This volition salve y’all time!
Start, Pause, Stop

eXdomain allows y’all to halt together with re-start the analysis process, fifty-fifty if you’re analysis a real long listing of addresses.
Domain source

External domain sources supports 1 click importing of daily updated dropping domains from various sources from whatsoever given hateful solar daytime for many dissimilar TLDs like: com, net, org, info, biz, us, pl, de together with others..
Most top grade domains supported

Using eXdomain y’all tin import, scan, analyze together with grab or verify the most pop top-level domains including: com, net, org, edu, info, biz, us, eu, de, at, pl.
Extremely powerful filtering together with sorting

Without waiting for the halt of the scanning process, users tin specify together with apply tens of dissimilar filtering combinations, which are applied on the wing to scanned or archival domain lists. It’s possible to specify attain criteria for page rank, site, link, link domain etc., engagement attain criteria for expiration date, spider web archive or display criteria to filter domains amongst or without specified values together with many many others. Moreover, users tin occupation multi-value sorting to specify attain of involvement inwards exceptional values, such every bit pct share, combine it amongst filtering together with extract most suitable together with valuable domains forthwith during (or after) the scan.

eXdomain tin also endure used to spill out tabs on your ain domains! To spill out rail of what’s going on amongst your domains, only occupation our monitoring tool, which analyses your domains on a regular basis. This tool volition demo a balloon tip every fourth dimension the value of 1 of your domains has changed.
DC support

eXdomain lets y’all specify an unlimited total of dissimilar server IPs of the most pop information providers similar Google™, Yahoo™ etc… Using this feature, y’all tin create upwards one’s heed which server y’all would similar to instruct responses from, together with (even to a greater extent than importantly), y’all tin specify to a greater extent than DCs to distribute queries for the safest together with most efficient locomote possible.
Quick together with slow installation together with activation process

Installation of eXdomain is fast together with efficient! . After download together with installation, you’ll only demand to locomote into your activation information together with license fundamental (which volition endure emailed to you). After that, eXdomain volition update itself every fourth dimension it starts up.

Enhanced form together with filter
You asked, nosotros listened! In reply to a huge divulge of requests, eXdomain contains a form together with filter tool that y’all tin occupation to apply criteria to your domain search every bit it’s occurring.
In eXdomain 2.0 the form together with filter tool is fifty-fifty better. Now y’all tin occupation to a greater extent than than 100 filter options inwards millions of combinations.
We conduct maintain also added lexical filter that allow y’all specify keywords your domains must contain, anti-keywords, words the domains must with. You tin also render length attain together with pick out betwixt predefined options similar excluding digits, TLDs together with others…
Some of the filters tin endure applied earlier scanning thus y’all tin pass your fourth dimension viewing exclusively the most suitable domains. And it’s here. In eXdomain 2.0, y’all tin apply these filters earlier together with during the scanning process.
Better Domain Monitoring
Now users tin non exclusively shop domains they are interested in, but tin also cheque their values together with scout changes on built-in charts that continually update values. Domains are tracked fifty-fifty if the application is scanning or hidden.
Last results are displayed only side past times side to the domain advert on the monitoring list. Archived results are accessible through built-in charts. Using those charts y’all tin verify how your chosen domains modify inwards values on sites similar Google Site™, PageRank™, Alexa Rank™.
Adding domains to the monitoring listing is at nowadays easier together with to a greater extent than intuitive than e’er before. Now y’all tin add together domains straight from real-time scanning results past times using the “Add to monitoring” feature.
Improved workspace interface
eXdomain 2.0 comes amongst an adjustable workspace layout, which agency that now, y’all tin conform your powerful tools the way y’all like. Users tin at nowadays manipulate tool windows, attaching them to whatsoever side of the application or grouping them inwards tabbed structures for to a greater extent than comfortable work.
Ever wanted to educate novel domain lists piece your erstwhile lists are scanning? Now y’all can. Our novel “tabbed” construction shows y’all windows similar “domains lists, results, spider web browser, archived results together with monitoring”. It gives y’all ultimate possibilities: to conform your workspace, house windows side past times side to compare results or spill out ii dissimilar tasks at once.
Improved fourth dimension counter
eXdomain 2.0 also includes an improved fourth dimension counter! With to a greater extent than accurate estimates, y’all tin at nowadays adjust settings to suit your needs.

We know your fourth dimension is valuable, together with so…we listened to your requests on the fourth dimension counter/estimate every bit well! We spent a lot of fourth dimension on this characteristic together with at nowadays each gauge is every bit accurate every bit it tin perhaps be. Now y’all tin easily adjust your settings to domain listing to fourth dimension attain that y’all have.
Amazing Typo Generator
More together with more, eXdomain is becoming non exclusively a keen domain query tool, but a tool that supports other domain-related tasks. Our “typo generator” is a keen tool that lets y’all generate the most pop spelling mistakesyou’re your domains. With typo generator y’all tin instantly generate thousands of typos from domains together with keyword phrases inwards upwards to 250 TLDs, together with then y’all tin chop-chop cheque that listing for availability together with all other values supported past times eXdomain.
Typo generator is based on the QWERTY keyboard layout. Users tin pick out betwixt 5 dissimilar mistakes similar missed or inserted letters, reversed order, double missive of the alphabet together with skipped letters or whatsoever combination of those. It’s also possible to specify max count of mistakes inwards 1 typo together with acceptable TLDs.
Typo generator is an irreplaceable tool for discovering typographical errors for whatsoever giving domain. Due to the long tail lawsuit getting all possible typos tin give y’all high traffic increase, capture your competitions’ visitors, assistance y’all inwards the generation of a depression contest keywords to salve coin on PPC ads or assistance y’all notice depression contest keywords which are easier to rank for amongst traditional SEO.
More efficient history browsing
Now y’all tin browse archived results inwards divide tabs, opening multiple history results at 1 time together with placing them side past times side to compare results using the novel workspace layout. You tin also spill out scans running together with browse history simultaneously past times having these opened upwards every bit additional tabs.
Integrated spider web browser
We are constantly improving the eXdomain user experience! In eXdomain 2.0 nosotros conduct maintain implemented keen built-in spider web browser, which volition allow y’all chop-chop cheque the content of whatsoever scanned domain without leaving the application. When y’all click on the domain, a novel browser window volition opened upwards forthwith thus that y’all tin run into its content.
You tin also occupation the context bill of fare characteristic to straight instruct access to “waybackmachine” results for whatsoever given domain, which volition allow y’all run into what the domain used to await similar together with compare it to the electrical flow interface.
Depending on your preference, y’all tin pick out to occupation the built-in or organization browser every bit default. This lets y’all analyze whatsoever domain quickly, saving fourth dimension together with allowing y’all to chop-chop uncovering novel together with perhaps valuable domains.
IP address & domain length
eXdomain 2.0 comes amongst novel values support. We conduct maintain added novel columns for IP address together with domain length. New values are sorted, giving fifty-fifty higher flexibility for discovering worthy domains.
Smaller together with bigger improvements
In version 2.0 in that location are non exclusively many novel keen tools but also roughly improvements from previous versions, including:
Improved form together with filter: at nowadays y’all tin specify criteria for scanning results, modify tabs to sentiment archived results, together with occupation the keen filtering tools without touching your electrical flow scanning filter configuration.
Multiple select together with re-create – at nowadays it is possible to select to a greater extent than than 1 domain inwards the results window together with apply operations similar “copy” or “refresh results.”
Faster together with to a greater extent than efficient grid – nosotros conduct maintain rebuilt the grid command from the solid soil up! Higher efficiency together with performance of the application requires higher efficiency together with performance of displaying together with manipulating results. eXdomain 2.0 supports to a greater extent than values, to a greater extent than filter options together with offers much ameliorate performance. We conduct maintain redesigned the results tabular array to render y’all amongst unbeatable smoothen together with responsible interface.
Enhanced Whois lookup
Even our already-great Whois lookup has been improved. Now y’all tin non exclusively instruct forthwith access to Whois results for whatsoever domain y’all conduct maintain scanned but also for those that are queued for scanning every bit good every bit whatsoever other domain that y’all type in.
Because of our novel workspace layout, the Whois window is at nowadays a detachable tool that y’all tin constantly conduct maintain on your desktop to chop-chop instruct all domain details stored inwards the Whois database.
Errors prevention
eXdomain 2.0 also comes amongst simple, helpful tools for preventing errors. Your locomote amongst eXdomain depends on many third-party factors: proxy servers state, information providers similar Google™, Yahoo™, WebArchive™, your meshwork connection, together with many others. From fourth dimension to fourth dimension getting roughly information may non endure possible. The most hard purpose of this used to endure finding the rootage of the problem. Now nosotros give y’all keen tools similar the errors listing together with proxy verification to arrive much easier to figure out what’s belongings upwards the process, thus it tin endure fixed that much to a greater extent than quickly.
Before scanning, y’all tin run proxy verification to automatically verify your proxy servers, take away non- working servers together with instruct information nigh possible errors similar incorrect user advert or password.
While scanning, if y’all instruct information errors, together with then y’all tin occupation the error listing to easily instruct detailed error message together with analyze problems instantly.
More together with to a greater extent than TLDs support
Most of the information supported past times eXdomain industrial plant no thing which TLD your domains belong to. Only roughly of them similar Whois lookup together with availability are express to TLDs from our “Supported TLDs list”. With each release nosotros are adding to a greater extent than together with to a greater extent than novel TLDs — it’s 27 of 250 TLDs supported for Whois lookup + availability cheque together with 250 of 250 for all other values.
With eXdomain 2.0 nosotros conduct maintain added back upwards for: .ae, .au, .be, .ca, .ch, .cn, .dk, .fr, .hk, .ie, .in, .it, .jp, .pt, .se, .us.


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