Keywordxp 3.0.8

Keywordxp 3.0.8
  • Name : KeywordXP
  • Version : 3.0.8
  • OS : Windows/MAC
  • Type : Keyword Research
  • Price : $147
  • Homepage : SalePage

KeywordXP Pro lets you lot search timely statistics inwards club to brand the best keyword decisions possible. Explore book to decide the divulge of searches beingness conducted on a monthly basis. Study cost-per-click metrics to decide which keywords advertisers are paying for. Find out just how many competitors you lot are upward against in addition to the divulge of pages that currently exist. Study trends graphs over the past times twelvemonth in addition to decide which long tails are rising.



  • Real Keywords: Get the ‘ACTUAL’ keywords that people are searching for correct at nowadays in addition to purpose these to fine melody search parameters.
  • Data Centers: Maximize your keyword enquiry past times searching across Google, Amazon, Bing, eBay, Ask in addition to YouTube – huge collection of resources.
  • Trend Analysis: Examine trends over fourth dimension to decide which keywords are rise or staying steady.
  • Export Results: Easily re-create results to clipboard in addition to transfer information to other applications or export to a .csv file for after analysis.
  • Cross Platform: KeywordXP is an Adobe AIR software that runs on both Mac in addition to Windows platforms.
  • Region Specific: Multiple Google data-centers lets you lot refine your search to a specific geographic place – peachy for local marketing.
  • Drill Down: Double click on whatever phrase or select ‘drill down’ to search long tail keywords on deeper levels.
  • Clear List: Ability to clear the listing amongst 1 click in addition to thence you lot tin at nowadays start a minute search.
  • Languages: Search inwards your native linguistic communication across diverse Google data-centers in addition to laid your preferred 1 every bit ‘default’.
  • Questions: Find exact questions that people are searching for in addition to click on whatever exceptional to teach hundreds of suggested article titles.
  • Domains: Create customized domain searches past times adding words to the offset or halt of suggested damage or just cheque availability of results.
  • Find Long Tail Keywords Fast : Search for long tail keywords chop-chop in addition to drill downwards past times double clicking on whatever item. Check the phrases of involvement in addition to click on either Google trends or competition. Examine these results to decide the best keyword to become for. Streamline your enquiry past times searching specific data-centers, which include Google, Amazon, Bing, eBay, Ask, in addition to YouTube.
  • Explore Profitable Niches inwards Seconds : Discover just what questions people are searching for correct now. Select prefix preferences to search exclusively the types of questions that involvement you. Once you lot get got flora a enquiry that you lot would similar to respond inwards an article or post service just click on the enquiry in addition to spotter every bit hundreds of suggested titles are at nowadays populated. Customize these past times inserting or deleting whatever text your want.
  • Search Suggested in addition to Customized Domains : Check availability of suggested domains to notice your best option. Drill downwards farther past times hiding taken domains or filter your search past times a specific domain extension. Or become a footstep farther in addition to add together pre-selected nouns, verbs, or adjectives to the offset or halt of the search phrase to chop-chop notice a customized domain.

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