Maxprog E-Mail Bounce Handler 3.9.6

Maxprog E-Mail Bounce Handler 3.9.6
Maxprog E-Mail Bounce Handler
  • Name : Maxprog eMail Bounce Handler
  • Version : 3.9.6
  • OS : Win/MAC
  • Type : Mail Verifier
  • Price : $30
  • Homepage : SalePage

Take wages of bounce e-mails to decease along your mailing lists gratis of bad addresses…

eMail Bounce Handler 3.9.6 release

New eMail Bounce Handler 3.9.6 is available today. More info. at:



  • New paragraph Bounce e-mail (sometimes referred to every bit bounce mail) is electronic post service that is returned to the sender because it cannot hold out delivered for only about reason. Unless otherwise arranged, bounce e-mail normally appears every bit a novel banker’s complaint inward your inbox. E-mail users tin run into bounce e-mail because an addressee has changed his or her address, because their post service box is full, because the banker’s complaint is misaddressed, or for another reason.
  • New paragraph Maxprog has developed eMail Bounce Handler, a bounce electronic mail filtering together with treatment software that recognizes bounce electronic mail using a customizable fix of rules together with extracts recipient’s addresses allowing y’all to purpose them over again to endeavor sending your message or to accept them off your list.
  • New paragraph eMail Bounce Handler is able to procedure bounce messages from all sort of sources similar your local files, both remote together with local mailboxes, manifestly text drops together with from the clipboard. In the illustration of remote access eMail Bounce Handler gives back upwardly for both the POP together with the IMAP protocols, retrieving bounce messages together with keeping whatsoever other message untouched. Once your bounce messages receive got been processed y’all larn a listing of “dead” electronic mail addresses y’all tin export inward companionship to build clean your master copy listing or to endeavor to ship your message again.
  • New paragraph eMail Bounce Handler is available inward English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch together with Russian.
  • New paragraph Current eMail Bounce Handler version is 3.9.6 (released on 2019-12-17). eMail Bounce Handler has been reviewed positively ii times getting a rating of 5.0 out of v stars!


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