PPC Keyword Toolz

  • Name : PPC Keyword Toolz
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  • OS : Windows
  • Type : PPC Marketing Tools, Google Adword Tools
  • Price : $67
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“Generate Google AdWords too Bing AdCenter Campaigns amongst 1000s of AdGroups, Text Ads too Image Banner Ads too Dynamic Landing Pages inwards seconds! Your AdWords Campaigns are Razor Targeted, 100% Accurate Pay Per Click Adwords Campaigns”.
Most people novel to PPC Adwords too Pay Per Click Advertising practice their campaigns incorrectly! This Pay Per Click Management Tool Will generate razor targeted Google Adwords campaigns!

SpeedPPC too Keyword RoskStar are groovy tools … BUT! They are real expensive AND accuse a monthly fee! Most of my customers desire to practice high lineament Google Adwords Campaigns amongst 1000s of keywords, 1000s of AdGroups too Ads amongst 1000s of machine generated ikon text banner ads chop-chop too that’s what PPC Keyword Toolz does extremely well! Don’t simply cause got my give-and-take for it read what my customers are proverb below! But sentinel all half-dozen videos to come across the software inwards action!

There are many to a greater extent than expensive tools similar SpeedPPC or AdGrenade. You’ll come across that PPC Keyword Toolz is all yous actually demand for a real affordable price. Besides yous larn a lifetime of updates for FREE! Plus my 100% – no questions asked – coin dorsum gaurantee! It’s a no brainer!



  • Keyword List Cleaner:Remove duplicate keywords, white spaces, sorting, upper case, lower case, honour too supersede text, prefix text, postfix text too much more. No demand for Microsoft Excel!
  • Group Keywords:Group your listing of keywords into specific lists or groups past times diverse filter options.
  • Keyword Mixer – Keyword Content Multiplier:Create hundreds of combinations of keywords!
  • Keyword Match Type Generator:Easily construct Google “match type” keyword lists including negative keyword lists. The effective purpose gibe types volition growth Click Through Rate (CTR) which inturn agency a ameliorate Quality Score (QS), which leads to cheaper cost-per-click (CPC) too to a greater extent than targeted traffic.
  • Geographical Target Keywords:The Geographical Keywords tool allows yous to rapidly expand whatsoever of your keyword lists based upon geographical location. Target whatsoever Country / State / Province / City / Towns of the basis too more. Plus practice your ain custom lists. This tool allows yous to source doing what the super affiliates practice everyday.
  • Long Tail Keywords:This tool allows yous to generate real large long tail keywords listing of unique keyword phrases.
  • Keyword Typos:You would endure surprised how many people type inwards the wrong spellings for words. Super affiliates exploite this to their wages too construct huge lists of typo keywords. Now yous tin too! Use the Typo Generator Tool to manipulate your keyword listing past times generating all possible combinations of typographical errors for each word.
  • PPC ROI Calculator:Use this Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator to approximate your potential Return On Investment of whatsoever of your campaigns.
  • Keyword Scraper:This tool allows yous to operate into multiple website URLs too bag their consummate keywords listing inwards a unmarried click! This is a real powerful way to construct a huge targeted keywords listing that your competitors are using on thier spider web sites!


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