Skype Suite 1.0.36

  • Name : Skype Suite
  • Version : 1.0.36
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Skype Marketing Tools
  • Price : $57
  • Homepage : SalePage

Skype Suite (SS) has several modules that assist you lot create out upward to thousands of contacts on autopilot. Let us briefly innovate you lot to SS’s original modules.
Skype Suite is a tool you lot need, there’s no dubiety most it. The query at paw is wether or non you lot desire to accept payoff of its potential to brand your work concern grow. With SS your work concern volition endure amend than without SS, no discussion. When produce you lot wishing to sell more, earn more, together with have got to a greater extent than complimentary time? If your respond is “Right Now” together with then select the excogitation that best fits your budget.



Module 1 – Auto Reply:

SS offers you lot the possibility of becoming your virtual assistant. You tin add together fundamental words together with assign automatic responses for each of them. If this module is activated. When a contact sends you lot a message, SS checks if whatsoever of your pre-assigned keywords is included inward the message. If SS detects a keyword, together with then it’ll respond your contact using the default response for the keyword found. For example, if the keyword is “help” together with the default response for that keyword was “For technical back upward delight submit a ticket at our back upward desk inward” This is a possible scenario:

Message sent past times a user: Hello I bespeak help

Message sent past times Skype Suite: For technical back upward delight submit a ticket at our back upward desk inward

Thus, SS would converse amongst your user giving them precise instructions. If SS can’t unwrap a keyword, together with then it’ll operate the default response you’ve entered for this cases, which could endure something similar “This is a virtual assistant, at this fourth dimension nosotros are non available but nosotros volition contact you lot equally shortly equally possible”.

Module 2- Appointment Manager:

SS volition schedule appointments at specific times for those contacts who message you lot piece you’re busy. You tin select the interval fourth dimension betwixt 1 twenty-four hr menses of the month together with another. For instance if Module 2 is activated when a user sends you lot a message, SS volition reply past times scheduling an twenty-four hr menses of the month amongst the user.

If you’ve laid a fourth dimension interval of thirty minutes, together with you lot received a message at 4:00PM, together with then SS volition respond the user saying: “Hello we’re currently assisting other customers, but we’ll endure amongst you lot at 4:30 PM”. You tin configure the respond SS volition hand when scheduling an appointment. If there’s already a scheduled twenty-four hr menses of the month for that time, SS volition schedule approximately other twenty-four hr menses of the month thirty minutes afterwards that one, so for instance if approximately other user messages you, together with then the respond volition be: “Hello we’re currently assisting other customers, but we’ll endure amongst you lot at 5:00PM”, which agency that you’d have got 2 scheduled appointments, 1 for 4:30 together with approximately other 1 for 5:00.

Thus, successively, SS volition schedule together with create out your appointments amongst whatsoever contact that tries to make you lot via Skype. And that way you lot client answers won’t pile up, making it impossible for you lot to respond everyone.

You’ll never larn whatsoever angry customers because you lot didn’t respond them, together with you’ll never have got to bargain amongst 10 customers at once. SS volition organize your schedule so you lot tin respond to each contact amongst equally much attending equally they deserve together with hence your work concern volition grow healthily together with your human relationship amongst your customers volition improve every day. They volition congratulate you lot for your first-class client service, together with volition endure willing to purchase or purchase your products or services because they’ll know you’ll ever endure inward Skype to assist them.

Module three – Message Sender:
If similar me you lot have got thousands of Skype contacts, sure enough sending messages to each of them mightiness look impossible or rattling laborious. There are other programs inward the cyberspace that shipping volume messages to all of your contacts, but afterwards trying all of these programs, I tin acre that several of them are of rattling depression quality, equally they shipping all of the messages at the same time, which causes Skype to block the messages together with many never arrive. SS sends messages inside fourth dimension intervals, which you lot tin assign, giving them a natural stream so that Skype filters don’t block your messages.

SS also gives you lot the powerfulness to select which contacts you lot desire to shipping a message to together with which you lot desire to shipping volume messages to. Thus you’ll never bother users who don’t desire all that hassle, or you lot tin shipping promotions only to contacts who volition endure interested inward those promotions.

Module 4 – Scheduler:

This scheduler volition assist you lot excogitation your Skype working together with balance times automatically. You tin programme the fourth dimension at which you lot desire to alter your Skype status. For example, if you lot normally commencement working at 10:00 a.m., you lot tin programme SS so that your condition switches to ONLINE at that specific time. If your tiffin suspension is normally at 1:00PM, together with then you lot tin programme SS so it switches your condition to AWAY at that time, if you lot larn dorsum to piece of work at 2:00PM, you lot tin 1 time again programme SS to switch your condition dorsum to ONLINe at that time. If you lot complete piece of work at 5:00PM, you lot tin programme SS to alter your condition to OFFLINE. That way, your piece of work schedule volition endure good organized together with your contacts or clients volition know which are your working hours so they don’t disturb you lot afterwards hours.

I developed this module amongst my sense inward mind, because I frequently had clients who’d larn upset because they’d remember I didn’t desire to respond them. This was because, equally my reckoner is ever on, I would frequently forget to alter my condition to AWAY or OFFLINE, together with so I was ever ONLINE fifty-fifty if I wasn’t fifty-fifty inward my office. At my render I would unwrap messages from angry customers, demanding me to render their coin or fifty-fifty offending me.
With the scheduler module you’ll never larn angry customers, together with you’ll also endure able to educate them inward getting to know together with abide by your service hours.

Module v – Contact Classifier:
This module provides you lot amongst the chance of classifying your contact inward priority groups. For example, you lot tin create a grouping inside SS called “friends” together with hand this grouping a depression priority, together with and then create 1 called “clients” together with hand it a high priority. If a contact from your high priority grouping sends you lot a message, SS volition warn you lot amongst an alarm, which you lot tin select. Meanwhile if you lot larn a message from a depression priority contact, together with then SS won’t audio the alarm. Skype normally warns you lot amongst an alert whenever whatsoever contact messages you, but SS volition entirely warn you lot when a high priority contact messages you.

Thus, you lot won’t endure bothered amongst alarms concerning messages from contacts that aren’t that important.