Social Media Quoter 1.0.44

Social Media Quoter 1.0.44
Social Media Quoter
  • Name : Social Media Quoter
  • Version : 1.0.44
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Facebook Marketing Tools, Instagram Marketing Tools
  • Price : $57
  • Homepage : SalePage

Uses famous quotes to dominate Facebook as well as Instagram
“Social Media Quoter” is a unique software that stores all the almost famous quotes of every pop topic, writer as well as professionals backgrounds. This software creates professional person quoted images as well as distributes these images on Facebook all automatically. It makes viral whatever ikon inwards infinitesimal driving unlimited traffic from social media to your site or production inwards autopilot.



  • It has stored all famous quote from all pop authors as well as categories.
  • It includes many professional person backgrounds only likewise supports whatever sort of background or image.
  • It includes a scheduler to laid the appointment as well as fourth dimension of each submission.
  • It watermarks images included, the quote, writer as well as whatever url you lot desire to promote.
  • It supports Unlimited Images as well as quotes at the same fourth dimension using a real powerful multithreaded system.
  • It fixes all contents inwards the ikon automatically then no affair if the quote is curt or long.
  • It supports font colouring change, size of quote, writer as well as url.
  • It posts the quoted images inwards unlimited facebook fan pages as well as groups likewise inwards timeline.
  • It supports unlimited facebook accounts.
  • The user tin save, edit or delete the projects.
  • It supports 2 distinct ways of posting quoted images on facebook. Posts the quoted images inwards each selected pages as well as groups or Posts the quoted images inwards TimeLine as well as shares this post service inwards all selected pages as well as groups.
  • It supports One Bubble as well as Two Bubbles speech communication templates.
  • It creates amazing social Media Memes.
  • A lot more…
  • Select whatever category of quotes.
  • Select how many quotes you lot desire the software to display.
  • Select all or around quotes.
  • Select the default folder alongside the backgrounds or pick out whatever folder inwards your pc alongside unlimited backgrounds or images.
  • Set the font colouring as well as size of quote (the software volition create the quote inwards the ikon automatically).
  • Set the schedule as well as pick out unlimited facebook pages as well as groups. (The software retrieves your pages as well as groups where you lot convey a membership automatically)
  • Set the url to promote as well as pick out if you lot desire to include the url inwards the caption or alone inwards the image.
  • Select if you lot desire to include the quote inwards the caption or a custom description.
  • Run the software as well as savor gratis fourth dimension alongside your family.