Social Pb Gilt 5.0 Super Engine

Social Pb Gilt 5.0 Super Engine
Social Pb Gilt
  • Name : Social Lead Gold
  • Version : 3.1.7/5.0 Super Engine
  • OS : Windows/MAC
  • Type : Facebook Marketing
  • Price : $95
  • Homepage : SalePage

Extract ACTIVE Facebook usersfrom Groups, Pages together with Events!Leverage Your Business alongside SLG
Up to 10 Times More Quality LeadsFast, Light Weight together with Easy to use!
Social Lead Gold – Extracts Active users who Like/Share a postal service equally good equally Page Likes, Group Members (open & closed), Events together with INTERESTS. You tin forcefulness out likewise role the built inwards Facebook Graph Search parameters to narrow downward your target audience!
Instead of targeting large audiences using the “conventional” Facebook targeting options, you lot tin forcefulness out at in 1 lawsuit narrow your audience to exclusively accomplish the nearly relevant users. This lower your advertising costs together with significantly increases your conversion rates !




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