Telegram Marketing Ads 2.4.2 Pro

  • Name : Telegram Marketing Ads
  • Version : 2.4.2 Pro
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Telegram Marketing Tools
  • Price : $559
  • Homepage : SalePage

Software for majority advertising inward the telegram (telegram Marketing Software):
Bank province mobile numbers to 12 1000000 daily download discover amongst 25 m numbers inward 24 hours
Web Services supply online virtual lines, cable lines, ready for minute download afterward payment
Bank unions together with diverse businesses inward the capacity of 43 MB inward the shape of Excel file
Usability on the virtual Windows organisation does non Drgbr y’all tin sack operate amongst the same system



  • Group of numbers together with contacts together with reporting to the separation group
  • Sending text messages amongst pictures together with files without bound on the discover of characters
  • 8 messages are sent inward the forms of text, image, audio together with open fire together with links …
  • Send messages to larn 100% fifty-fifty without 1 message has been received
  • The mightiness to recognize numbers that are non members of the telegram
  • Adjustable speed of sending messages
  • Send a link to the production website
  • Send a message telegram amongst unlimited gratuitous advertising
  • Creating a virtual discover for activation America telegram for gratuitous together with unlimited
  • Easy installation together with a twelvemonth of gratuitous support
  • Rae diverse reports: successful posts, posts failed to supply output files inward formats Txt, Xls, Xlsx, Pdf
  • Send study equally an Excel file
  • Enter the discover of recipients from Excel file
  • Enter the discover of recipients manually
  • Number of recipients on the footing of the range
  • Entering multiple text messages at random each text recipients
  • Sending variable text amongst keyword (insert discover of the recipient, fourth dimension together with discover of letters inward the history of the solar together with promotion text)
  • Chshgmyr cut back the discover of virtual blocks past times selecting the advanced formula to send
  • Allowing multiple virtual register
  • Installed on the virtual server
  • Importantly, the role of this application:
  • With this software or whatsoever other software, the user is allowed to role whatsoever active trace on cable, 24 hours, 50 bring submitted. No less together with no more. The user tin sack increment the discover of active lines on the application, increased its posts Dhd.msla tin sack activate the software on 100 virtual trace together with each 24-hour interval 5,000 advertising messages are completely gratuitous telegram .khasyt Telegram is real precise together with orderly, together with then if the discover of your posts on your lines, whatsoever numbers that enabled, y’all volition never blocks


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