Twitterfilter Pro V1.0.4

TwitterFilter Pro v1.0.4
Twitterfilter Pro
  • Name : TwitterFilter
  • Version : Pro v1.0.4
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Twitter Marketing Bot
  • Price : $67
  • Homepage : SalePage

TwitterFilter a is a niggling tool to larn next together with followers listing for mass twitter accounts?It also tin mail away Filter your trouble concern human relationship followers together with next to discovery spam followers, bad following, etc.
So that y’all tin mail away unfollow correct people!


  • Import Twitter Accounts : Program tin mail away import mass accounts from txt together with csv file directly. And it tin mail away export the accounts exported from TweetAttacksPro II past times 1 click.
  • Scrape Following/Followers : Program tin mail away scrape your twitter accounts’ next together with followers, together with say y’all who y’all followed precisely non follow dorsum you.
  • Filter Following ANd Unfollow Bad Ones : After scrape account’s next together with followers, plan tin mail away filter these information to discovery bad next inwards your account, then that y’all tin mail away unfollow correct people.
  • Export Accounts List : Export the scrape together with filter consequence into file, then that y’all tin mail away role the information inwards other software similar tweetattackspro II.
  • Proxy Support : Program tin mail away bargain amongst mass accounts at the same time, then y’all tin mail away develop proxy for every account. Or allow your accounts to role proxy randomly
  • UserAgent Support : You tin mail away also develop useragent for every account, or allow them role randomly useragent to take in network.

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