Wicked Article Creator 3.8 Premium

Wicked Article Creator 3.8 Premium
Wicked Article Creator
  • Name : Wicked Article Creator
  • Version : 3.8
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Content Creation
  • Price : $75
  • Homepage : SalePage

Generate Content For Your Backlinks Within Seconds
Watch the video below to encounter WAC generate highly spun, niche relevant content for Senuke as well as GSA Search Engine Ranker



  • Scrape Content : WAC tin sack download content from 2 sources – WAC database (we render over v 1000000 articles from 500+ niches) or Article Directories (WAC tin sack scrape content from over 25+ article directories). For bulk of keywords WAC tin sack scrape over 200+ articles. For high book keywords you lot tin sack larn over 5000-6000+ articles.
  • Spin Content : After scraping WAC volition spin the content using our ain spinning machinery which uses the best database available. It has over xx Million synonyms which tin sack spin well-nigh anything. From informational to educational as well as fifty-fifty commercial content, everything tin sack live spun.
  • Build Content : WAC volition lastly develop content from the scraped articles using either Tier 1 vogue or Tier 2 mode. Tier 1 reads much amend as well as is available to premium members solely (check pricing page). You tin sack also export the content to PDF file or export equally an API to import inwards other softwares.
  • 25+ Article Directories : WAC supports over 25+ article directories from where you lot tin sack scrape content. They are all high PR as well as manual approved directories making certain you lot larn skillful lineament articles
  • In House Content Spinner : We locomote our ain spinning thesaurus as well as algorithm. You exercise non demand whatever 3rd political party script which makes certain you lot develop content faster as well as relieve coin too.
  • WAC Database : We render over v 1000000 articles to basic members as well as 10 1000000 articles to our premium members. These are ezine articles from over 500+ niches as well as are really skillful quality.
  • GSA Search Engine Ranker API : Our software is integrated amongst GSA on API level. You tin sack import all content for a projection inwards 1 click. Premium members tin sack import multiple campaigns at once.
  • One Click Campaign Building : Build campaigns for Senuke, GSA, UD, MS as well as other tools inwards simply 1 click. You tin sack develop all the information needed such equally writer bio, titles, videos, images etc.
  • Automatic Filters : WAC volition take unwanted things such equally illegal characters, encoded text, website links as well as other things which you lot exercise non desire inwards your content.
  • Easy Export/Import : WAC allows saving all your articles inwards a unmarried XML file through correct click. You tin sack locomote it afterwards for other tasks.
  • Image + Video Scraper : WAC has tools which permit you lot to scrape images as well as videos as well as create a spintax of their embed code. You tin sack locomote this inwards whatever tool.
  • %LINK% Tag : You tin sack select to add together a link tag inwards your articles which you lot tin sack afterwards supervene upon amongst anything you lot desire such equally images, videos or custom a link tag.
  • Title Builder : WAC provides 2 sources to develop titles – One is WAC database of premium articles as well as other is custom database of titles.
  • Massive Tweaks : You tin sack tweak your content inwards a publish of ways. You tin sack alter publish of lines, paras as well as variations per trouble or para. You tin sack define spinning score as well as other details too.
  • Multi Tier Content : WAC allows you lot to develop Tier 1 as well as Tier 2 articles. While basic members larn access to tier 2 vogue only, premium members larn access to both Tier 1 as well as Tier 2.
  • Keyword Suggest : You tin sack larn related keywords from WAC database to download content on to a greater extent than keywords. This agency you lot tin sack generate thousands of article for your campaign.
  • Translate Content : Basic users tin sack locomote Google Translate to interpret their content to about other linguistic communication piece premium users tin sack locomote our ain translation farm or Google Translate.
  • Public API : Build content inwards WAC as well as and then import it inwards whatever link edifice tool through our world API. You tin sack import multiple articles inwards unmarried click.

Wicked Article Creator 3.8 Premium

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