Winscheduler Pro 7.6.8

  • Name : WinScheduler
  • Version : Pro 7.6.8
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Bot Creation
  • Price : $100
  • Homepage : SalePage

Automate repetitive tasks. Use project scheduler to run jobs in addition to macros automatically – at specific time, when a file is changed, when a file is created/deleted, when a figurer enshroud changes, when in that place is no action on computer, etc.
WinScheduler allows users to exercise macros running inwards all Windows applications in addition to purpose macro scheduler to run them at defined fourth dimension or when a specific effect occurs. Macro recorder (both keyboard recorder in addition to mouse recorder) in addition to macro editor is included. The WinScheduler macros tin consist from keys (keystrokes), mouse clicks in addition to macro commands (file management, FTP, ZIP, encryption, clipboard, etc.). WinScheduler gives users consummate Windows automation in addition to fault gratis repetitive tasks processing.

Note: If yous would similar to move able to get-go macros also yesteryear other triggers similar mouse events (click, motion mouse on enshroud edge, milkshake mouse, etc.), hotkeys, text shortcuts, or run them from handy toolbars thus regard using Macro Toolworks – our all-in-one macro automation software – that offers many additional macro triggering options.



  • Three-pane UI (macro groups tree -> macros listing -> macro editor)
  • Multi-language UI
  • All macros inwards unmarried file, “File/Open”, “File/Save as” supported
  • Macro file uncomplicated encryption to protect content
  • Macro file AES potent encryption to protect content
  • Add wizard
  • Search inside macros, macro names, triggers in addition to descriptions
  • Enable/Disable the tool
  • Smart macro recorder
  • Export macros to HTML
  • Lock programme UI to protect macros from beingness changed
  • Status bar
  • Ability to disable macros in addition to macro groups
  • Generate “Free Macro Player” file that tin others freely purpose


Macro Triggers

  • Application specific triggers – the same trigger tin get-go dissimilar macros inwards dissimilar applications
  • Time scheduled macros (run at specified time/date, run every x seconds/minutes/hours/days, etc.)
  • Wake-up figurer earlier macro is started
  • Trigger macro on window is activated/de-activated/opened/closed
  • Trigger macro on file create/delete/change
  • Trigger macro on a file or subfolder inwards folder is changed/created/deleted
  • Trigger macro on depression infinite on difficult crusade
  • Trigger macro when a enshroud pixel changes
  • Trigger macro on idle fourth dimension
  • Trigger macro on Windows shutdown



  • Password protect macros to forestall running/changing/viewing them yesteryear unauthorized users
  • Share macros inside a user grouping
  • Clipboard macros – glue information of whatever sort (text, rich text, pictures, tables, sheets, graphics, whatever yous tin copy/paste)
  • Adjustable macro playback speed
  • Log macro execution (user optional)
  • Bulk macro changes
  • Export/import macros from/to text file
  • Simple visual macro editing amongst back upward for macro debugging
  • Basic macro commands (insert time/date, glue text, shipping keystrokes, mouse events, basic file/folder operations, activate window, opened upward spider web page, wait, “if window”, run executables, demonstrate message, etc. )
  • 150+ additional commands (variables, time/date manipulation, macro menstruation commands if/then/else, cycles, procedures, run other macros, run context menus commands, uncovering epitome on screen, user command over fault handling, user defined forms, shipping e-mails, FTP, manipulate windows, manipulate clipboard, read/write from/to Windows registry, enumerate in addition to kill processes, in addition to more…)
  • Additional professional person commands (call macros remotely, file/directory AES encryption)
  • VBA-compatible macro linguistic communication + VBA IDE + syntax highlighting + dialog editor + debugger


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