Wp Vicom V1.0

WP ViCom v1.0
Wp Vicom
  • Name : WP ViCom
  • Version : 1.0
  • Type : Page Builder Plugin
  • Price : $27
  • Homepage : SalePage

Drag in addition to driblet page builder for WordPress.
WP ViCom lets yous utilisation it from the back-end or the front-end, giving yous sum command over how yous desire to edit whatsoever business office of your site. With this software, yous tin enable yourself – or your secretarial assistant or assistant – to utilisation incredible things yous never idea yous could utilisation before.
You’ll never edit your WordPress sites the sometime agency later yous run into how this plugin builds your site for yous without photoshop, programming or paying freelancers to utilisation it for you. You tin run amongst your existing content or utilisation novel layouts. Yep… it tin deliver a knock-out punch amongst its site edifice abilities … in addition to it recognizes electrical flow content too!